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Cookies and Scream and burritos in London

Cookies and scream shakes

On Tuesday we headed back to London for another day out and finally got the time for head over the Cookies and Scream at Camden. Unfortunately they didn’t get their delivery that day so we had to miss out on what looked like would have been amazing vegan shakes!

Cookies and scream brownieCookies and scream cookie

So instead we made do with espresso, a brownie and a cookie, both gluten free as well as vegan! Both were pretty good, though my teeth actually hurt from the sugar afterwards! And although we couldn’t try their vegan shakes I think it’s a pretty good excuse to head back soon.

Vegan burrito

We then went in search of Basilico in Islington, where we heard you could get pizza with vegan cheese. This resulted in a major fail as neither of us had ever been to Islington, we did not really know where we were going and had no phone battery to find a map and see exactly where we should be going!

So we walked around hungry for about 45 minutes until realising we really had to go catch our train home. Thinking we would make do with crisps and some fruit it was pretty exciting to find they had another burrito place at Kings Cross, so we had our second one that day for dinner (our first was lunch). Then to top it off there was a sushi place next door which hadvegan sushi with tofu.

Wasabi sushi

As much as I always like to vote with my money and would always at first choice give my custom to 100% vegan places, its not always a possibility when your in a rush in UK. Its always nice to see that there are more and more options everywhere for people to eat vegan and eat well when traveling. No excuses!


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