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Feeling juicy?

fresh raw kale broccoli carrot and apple juice

I have been trying to get my brother in law to start drinking juice ever since I got back home, but have been failing miserably! I think many people are scared of juice, especially when you tell them its full of vegetables… vegetables that I notice everyday that the majority of the population is extremely lacking in.

When I’m away on the ships, or even just in my own circle of friends I’m surrounded by people who often think and eat in a similar way to myself. But when I step outside of that what I see is pretty disturbing.

Most people seem to have a complete lack of connection to what they put in their bodies these days… and I’m not just talking meat and dairy products, just a lack of understanding that food is meant to be fueling your body, nourishing your cells so that you stay strong and healthy. I still find it shocking that although it’s quite clear to most people that fast food burger places do not provide anything but pretty much poison for your body, some still feel the need to go there more than once a day!!! That vegetables are still considered something horrible that should be avoided, and that people genuinely believe they can stay healthy, happy and thrive on a diet of processed, beige, over cooked ‘food like’ substances, and then go on about how they can’t wait until they finally find that chemical cure for cancer!! I mean seriously!

What frustrates me the most is that most of the time I try to talk to friends or family in a kind way about how they could take control of their health and help themselves without the need for more drugs and doctors that know nothing about nutrition… they look at me either like I’m crazy, stupid, that I have a secret hidden ‘vegan agenda’, or they just look bored and are waiting for me to stop talking. Instead of just understanding that I care about people as much as I do other animals and literally would just like to help.

SO…Rant over.

…and on to juicing. I love juicing, and I just think it the most amazing way to get some goodness into your body easily, especially for people that are put off by a huge plate of vegetables. I’ve seen it first hand when people begin to juice, and feel cleansed inside they begin to make better food choices in general.

This is one of my favourite juice mixes so I wanted to share.

Kale, Broccoli and Apple Juice


  • 3 apples
  • Large handful of kale
  • 2 small carrots
  • 1 inch slice of lemon
  • 2 inch piece of cucumber
  • Β½ stick celery
  • Β½ cup broccoli


Place in the juicer an apple first, then juice the kale and remaining ingredients finishing with an apple.

Drink straight away fresh.

Makes approx 450ml, depending on apple sizes etc.



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