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My Vegan Dry Store Part Two | Vegan Mo Fo 2014

Continued from my previous Dry Store post this is the second part of what I keep in my ship dry store. This is also a list I think is convenient for home use and household pantry stores. I have included where needed an explanation of what things are for people new to cooking, and also where in the UK its easy to get hold of supplies. Sorry I can’t speak for other parts of the world, but whenever I’m in doubt I can usually find what I need online. I hope this list is useful for anyone trying to stock their kitchens. I promise its much more convenient to have these items on hand all the time, than heading to the shops for every new recipe, but maybe that’s just because I hate shopping!

extra virgin olive oil  •  extra virgin coconut oil  •  sunflower oil  •  canola oil  •  toasted sesame oil

Coconut Oil– I like to use this oil in place of others as much as possible as a healthier alternative. Use it in stir fries, pancakes, raw cakes, even add straight to smoothies for extra super food goodness. Make sure you get pure extra virgin coconut oil though, if its deodorized or over processed it loses a lot of its goodness.

red wine vinegar  •  white wine vinegar  •  sherry vinegar  •  rice vinegar  •  balsamic vinegar  •  apple cider vinegar

Not just for dressings, vinegars are used in an array of vegan cooking, especially apple cider vinegar in baking. All are available in most large supermarkets. For cheaper rice vinegar check your local Asian supermarkets.

tomato  •  hot sauce  •  braggs  •  soy sauce  •  sweet chilli sauce  •  English Dijon and wholegrain mustard  •  wasabi  •  tahini  •  miso  •  vegan Worcestershire sauce (available at good health food shops)  •  sundried tomatoes  •  olives  •  capers  •  marmite/ vegemite/ yeast extract  •  nutritional yeast  •  vegan margarine  •  nut butters  •   nori sheets  •  rice paper  •  rice noodles  •  udon noodles  •  thai curry paste  • TVP  •  tofu

Nutritional Yeast Flakes… the key to the vegan cheesy flavour! Add this to multiple recipes to make a variety of vegan cheeses, such as Cashew Ricotta. It is full of B vitamins, a complete protein and contains 18 amino acids. Plus in UK you can get a big tub for just a couple of pounds, which will last months. Most health shops I have been to stock nutritional yeast, just ask if your not sure what to look for, but if you can’t find it locally again it’s very easy to order online. It really is a must have vegan pantry staple.

Nori Sheets.. for making vegetable Nori rolls, a nice thing to have on hand. I also use this seaweed in miso soups, or anything I want to give an ocean taste to.

Thai Curry Paste is such a good thing to have stashed away. Just mix with coconut milk, veggies, tofu and some soya sauce and you have yourself a very fast meal. The best ones are available in most Asian supermarkets though make sure you check the ingredients for shrimp paste.

Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning made from fermented soybeans. It has a very distinctive flavour and is used for making amount other things miso soup. It can also be used to add flavour to vegan cheeses, and I add it to the mix when making tofu quiche.

Tahini  is used for making hummus, tahini sauces, baba ganoush and many other things. It’s very high and one of the best sources of calcium, and made from ground sesame seeds.

TVP, or texture vegetable protein… vegan dried mince/ chunk. Simply hydrate in hot vegetable stock 1:1 and use in dishes like bolognese, pies or curries etc. So many uses for quick dinners, and will last forever in the cupboard

Tofu is made from soy beans and is a bit part of most vegan diets as a good source of protein. Check Asian supermarkets for cheap fresh tofu. Most supermarkets also stock tofu such as Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, and you can get the tetra packed stuff also so you don’t have to keep it in the fridge.


coconut  •  soya  •  oat  •  almond  •  hazelnut

…whichever is your favourite really. There’s so many options these days. Remember to always buy organic soya milk!

raisins  •  currants  •  dates •  apricots  •  cranberries  •  goji berries  •  cashews  •  almonds whole and ground  •  hazelnuts  •  macadamia nuts  •  walnuts  •  pecans  •  sunflower seeds  •  poppy seeds  •  pumpkin seeds  •  sesame seeds  •  flaxseeds/linseeds  •  chia seeds

Available in nearly all supermarkets, but will be very expensive there. The best place I find are health food/ wholefood shops where they sell large quantities. Rainbow in Norwich is good for this… as well as many other health shops around the country. Holland and Barrett also stock a lot of these things, and best and cheapest of all would be online shops like Buy Wholefoods Online.

Cashews and Almond are a must have making raw cakes and vegan cheeses!



good quality vegetable bouillon  •  pink himalayan salt  •  black volcanic salt/ kala namak  •  black pepper  •  white pepper  •  basil  •  thyme  •  parsley  •  oregano  •  rosemary  •  sage  •  dill  •  marjoram  •  coriander/cilantro  •  bay leaves  •  curry leaves  •  Italian herb mix  •  kaffir lime leaves  •  sumac  •  cinnamon  •  nutmeg  •  cloves  •  paprika  •  smoked paprika  •  cumin  •  cumin seeds  •  onion powder  •  garlic powder  •  allspice  •  chilli powder  •  turmeric  •  cayenne pepper  •  chilli flakes/red pepper flakes  •  ground ginger  •  ground coriander  •  coriander seeds  •  garam masala  •  mustard seeds  •  fenugreek seeds  •  celery seeds  •  fennel seeds

I always find no matter how many herbs and spices I have there’s always one more I need. So this list just includes ones I need most regularly and any I have used in recipes on this blog. I find they best places to get herbs are off markets, so you can buy by weight, not the overprices glass/plastic tubes at the supermarket.

spirulina powder  •  wheatgrass powder  •  maca powder  •  chia seeds  •  goji berries  •  açaí berry powder

These are all lovely things to have in your cupboard. They have amazing health benefits, keep a long time and you only need a little at a time so last for ages once you have bought them. I use these items in smoothies and juices mainly as an easy way to include them in my diet. Available from good health food shops, as well as online at places like Buy Wholefoods Online


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    • Your welcome. I’m happy it’s useful for you! I love discovering new ingredients to try too, and this list has been put together over years now with the help of a lot of different cooks indroducing me to new things. X


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