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A video introduction to SI MA BO

As some of you may have read before, I have been spending much of my spare time here in Mindelo helping out at the local and only animal shelter on Sao Vicente, and possibly in the whole of Cape Verde.

They have been doing amazing work here helping give affordable vet treatment for locals, taking in and treating the stray animal population, rehoming as many as possible (with Silvia, the founder, giving very strict guildlines for the new guardians). They also run a successful spay and neuter clinic, picking up as many animals as possible off the streets to fix, as well as offering and encouraging local people to come and bring their animals in to be spayed or neutered for free.

As with everything in this world, this costs money. I put together this video of clips I collected while volunteering at Si Ma Bo to try and reach more people and introduce them to the work being done here.

There are amazing projects like this all around the world, all in need of funds I realise. But I am here, I have met the people who run Si Ma Bo, played with the beautiful and gentle animals at the shelter… we even adopted a street dog who now lives on board the ship and will come home with us to England this summer. It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t do what I could to help them

So please spread the word, share this video and let’s see if we can keep the doors of Si Ma Bo from closing forever.

For more information on how you can help please visit the Si Ma Bo website here.

SIMABO – join the movement:

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