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An Hour In Inverness

As anyone that knows Ryan and I will know,  our trips where ever we go will always start and end with a mission to find the best coffee and vegan food we can find … whatever the time frame.
Today we had an hour,  enough time to grab some food and coffee before heading off to have a look at Loch Ness. Granted Inverness is not huge so it wasn’t the biggest challenge,  even with 3 dogs in tow. Here’s what we came up with in that hour….

Little Bird Coffee House

We have been carrying our thermos and travel coffee kit around with us everytime we have left the cabin since we arrived in the Highlands. .. but today was the first day we have had the pleasure of having coffee made by someone else. We did a little search for local craft coffee places when we arrived and this place came up top.

I think alot of cafes forget that it’s not only the ability to prepare and sell great coffee that makes a place awesome. Half of it is about the people that work there. This place did not disappoint. I didn’t catch her name but the barista was so so welcoming and warm… we ended up having a little chat and left my brother and sister in law out in the cold with the dogs for a good 10 minutes (sorry guys!)

Today we grabbed a chemex for two with Workshop Coffees Gatomboya Peaberry.


Karma kola ethical cola ginger beer coffee shop inverness

We then picked up vegan croissants from a little bakery on the high street that none of us can remember the name off… it’s the one with Italian and French pastries and biscuits in the window if anyone knows it? Usually I tend to just walk past these places as they never ever have anything remotely vegan.. . The sign for vegan croissants luckily caught Ryans eye. They were pretty yummy with what I think was a raspberry and elderberry jam in the middle. Definitely worth a try if your passing by and need a little mid morning snack.


Next we headed over to the veggie vegan cafe in Inverness to grab a tofu BLT to take away for our car journey. The place was pretty cute inside. The menu was quite typical of a small veggie cafe in a small city… Lots of beans, soups, wraps, hummous and falafel and a range of cakes. This is not a criticism but everytime I visit a vegan place I haven’t been before I go in hoping to be pleasantly suprised by a new inventive menu. It rarely happens. In fact it usually happens in none veggie cafes and restaurants.

Saying that our BLTs were yummy. Everything was organic and the bread was thick cut fresh bread from a local bakery. The inside was basic. .. using smoked tofu, mayo and salad and it did the job of keeping away the hangries.

So thanks Inverness… even if it was a brief visit, you kept us from going hungry which is more than can be said for a lot of place still.


  1. Inverness seems to have some cool vegan stuff going on, I love that you can get a croissant in a city that doesn’t even have a vegan restaurant but you definitely can’t get one in Brighton! If you’re on the lookout for inventive vegan cafe food I just read about a place in Sudbury on the V Nice Life blog that sounded right up your street, I think it was called Cherish.

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  2. Elsje Parsons Massyn says

    Give this deli 10 out of 10 for being Vegan in a hostile meat-eating restaurant world. I usually don’t care too much about surprizes and gourmet recipes I just care about the quality of the food i.e. that it is 100% vegan and freshly made and portions are reasonable Please give them a good revue and encourage others to visit them!!

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