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Folks and Fables Cafe

The other day we finally managed to get a whole day off together for the first time in about a month,  and Ryan planned a suprise trip out for the day. So with me driving and him giving me blind directions badly we headed off down the A46 to I didn’t know where…

This resulted in a few heated words and me going round a few round-a-bouts twice,  accidently heading down the A1 and turning around again,  as I tried to follow his vague directions on where we were going.

We ended up in Bingham. I had never been here before … and more importantly had strangely never heard of the Plant based cafe/ restaurant / awesome community space called Folks and Fables.

These guys opened I believe around 6 months ago and have created almost the perfect balance of a cafe using their space to benefit community events and establish a welcoming creative space. They have a big calender painted on the side entrance wall announcing life drawing events,  yoga classes and more. They also have a large seating area upstairs where they showcase different artists,  and I assume on event nights they clear this space to use. All this is set in this beautiful old building with exposed brick and wooden beams.

We had Nomad with us so on arrival we had to first check if they allow dogs inside, something I never understand when veggie vegan restaurants don’t allow you to bring dogs inside! Luckily all was good … so they have now pretty much secured me as a forever customer.

The menu was really varied which I loved..  they has a big focus on healthy foods,  buddah bowls, smoothies and juices which is always great to see. But they also included lots of meals for very hungry people like me, such as burritos and burgers etc, all which had beautiful healthy twists that added something special to every meal.

We both decided, as I usually decide when I see this on any vegan menu, to go for the VLTs.  This choice was mainly made by the fact the use Sgaia meats in their sandwiches. Hands down the best vegan meats available anywhere… just super expensive to buy retail. The sandwiches were like £5 each which is pretty reasonable,  and were served on sourdough bread with a homemade beetroot ketchup. I also had an espresso, and again for such a specially place the drinks prices were also pretty standard. The staff had expert knowledge on what non dairy milks to suggest depending on the type of coffee you were after. .. such a rarity when usually it’s just soya or nothing.

All in all this is pretty much my new favourite veggie place and cannot wait for pay day so we can go back again and try their cakes this time. Bingham is only about half an hour drive out of Lincoln so it’s easy to get to, and as well as having Folks and Fables it is a lovely little town to walk around and has an amazing fruit and veg shop called Raw to nosey in.

So thanks everyone at Folks and Fables. .. your place is awesome and you were so welcoming. .. we will be back very soon



  1. Alex Green / Andy Failes says

    Ahhh you guys! This is mine & Andy’s favourite place to eat out 💚 Give him a shout next time you go & we’ll come along too.. any excuse! Great review of an awesome little place! X

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