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My eczema diaries | Day #1 

So here’s for some honesty. This might be the most honest post I have written and it’s about something I can be both very open about and also very conscious of. The only reason I am even writing this is because I have decided to start a body/food experiment for the next 30 days… and probably to continue afterwards. To see the results clearly for myself and hopefully for other peoples benefit I am going to document my progress,  if any at all, on here.

This is all about my skin,  and my lack of any healthy,  clear,  itch free,  rash free,  chronic eczema free area of skin on my body. My body is head to ankles constantly covered in eczema. And not just that little patch some people get in the crook of their elbow eczema. .. but the kind that makes me scratch at my skin while I sleep until my lovely white cotton bed sheets are covered in blood (disgusting right?)

So today I am taking control. I am going to do everything in my power to heal myself. I am going to research along the way foods and juices to make that benefit the skin and post my results,  recipes and resources here in the hopes that it will work.. and also that it may benefit someone else in this world. I am full of the belief that no amount of moisturising can get rid of eczema when it’s this bad… but that change has to come from the inside and radiate out.

I already seemed to have convinced myself I eat pretty well, and there have been times when my skin has been worse. The most extreme it has been when I was still eating dairy and working 55 hours plus in a care home in Norwich… I didn’t seem to see sunlight for about 6 months,  the eczema covered me all over my face as well as my body and I pretty much at first glance looked like a cross between a meth addict and a zombie.

I have been vegan now for about 6 years, I love juices,  I love smoothies and salads and super foods. . . But when I really assess what I eat I also often skip breakfast,  and if I could I would eat a double stacked vegan burger with violife cheese and ketchup everyday.  So it’s time to cut all of that out and focus on everything I put into my body.

I have tried to medical route,  I have tried steroids that just make it worse in the long run. Today was my last ditch effort with modern medicine and as writing this I am currently on the train home after a dermatology appointment at the hospital. I was offered stronger steroid creams,  steroid tablets and also long term immune suppressants that were so strong I wouldn’t be able to take if I was planning on using my reproductive organs anytime soon (which I am not, but to take something that has that effect on your body would be ridiculous!) I don’t know what I expected. I understand medical training only goes so far and does have its place in this world. But not for skin… not for me… no way do I want to take those drugs.

So today I start my own alternative route. I will do another update in a week to show any progress, and post daily on Instagram with what I am eating to help cleanse my body. My first start will be having lemon tea/water every morning before anything else…starting with the little things.

I would love to hear if anyone else has gone through anything similar and what worked for them. Please please tag me on my posts about your experiences on Instagram or Facebook… or comment below any tips you might have! I refuse to believe it when I am told this condition is incurable.  It will take longer than 30 days but it’s a bloody good way to start off.

So here to start this all off is my first ever ‘sexy-hand-holding-glass-of-juice’ photo and juice recipe… showing off exactly why my hands are NEVER in my photos.

Wish me luck! Xx

Red Cabbage Juice


  • 2 cups red cabbage
  • 4 large carrots
  • 2 apples
  • 1 whole unwaxed lemon

Put all ingredients through a juice extractor and drink… pretty straightforward.


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  2. Lucy Wright says

    Proud of you jo. So sorry to hear the dermatologist was so rubbish. Good luck with this sounds great. Let me know how it goes and if I can help in anyway xxx


  3. My prayers are being said for you today. My daughter suffered for a few years with eczema on her hands and then it went internally with eczema acne on her face, stomachache, headache, and pain down to her toes. She wound up being allerghic to nightshades=tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, peppers, and get this, tobacco! Changed her diet and by golly it was wonderful. The next thing she did was got to a Dr that specializes in Bio-feedback. They do testing in a weird way, putting a vial of something in one hand and then trying to push down the other. If it goes down you are allerghic. All she was allerghic to was nightshades. She then was told to lay down on her stomach and the Dr did something to her back and then she was able to eat nightshades again. Also, when she was pregnant, whe developed a reaction to wheat. Was told hormones can do that to a woman, and they fixed her the same way. There is also a book you might want to read, Gut and Psychology Syndrome by McBride. It helped us cure some issues up in the rest of the family. Blessings to you and keep up the good attitude you are having. It is hard work trying to heal yourself. Just keep seeking help!

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    • Thank you so much for your comment. I have read about the nightshade foods before … so I should consider eliminating them for a while. Which is very hard decision to make as I love tomatoes and potatoes!! Thank you for your support and so happy your daughter was helped xx


  4. veggiesaremain says

    I wonder if this is candida related . Just a thought and no doubt you will be getting lots of those 🙂
    Anyway – Rick Heller has an amazing site . Might be worth a read . She manages soooo many things with her vegan candida diet and she has some truly yummy recipes. I’ve tried many!

    Hope you find something that works for you 🙂


  5. Frankie says

    I wonder if any of this is candida related . Have you checked out Ricki Heller ? Just a thought and no doubt you will be getting many more from people 🙂


    • Hey frankie,
      I have considered candida.. as I have found myself craving sugar the last few months. I am hoping some of what I will be eating now will help with this, and I have bought some things like apple cider vinegar to drink. I have not heard of ricki heller however… I will look them up. Thank you so much for your comment x


  6. Hello, In ayurveda, eczema is associated with pitta imbalance (I think – I’m not an expert) but might be worth checking out with an ayurveda practitioner. I also wanted to recommend the vegan, chemical free skin care line made by Keyes. Inexpensive and complete miracle worker for me. I used to have rosacea and it’s gone. I get some eczema on my right hand knuckles and I use their Tortuga Intensive Serum. For daily skincare I use their Foaming Castile Soap. Luminos Moisturizer, Tortuga Hand and Body Lotion and I rely on the Reflex ProBiome Serum. And I don’t work there or sell their products 🙂 I don’t like their “makeup” but everything else I’ve tried has been excellent. Good luck! Be well.


  7. Wendy Masters says

    I don’t know you but I feel for you and I also feel that you are following the right path. My heart goes out to you and I wish you the best in life.


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