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Vegan Bakery Now Open

The Grumpy Sailor vegan bakery is now up and running and open for business. It has been months, if not years, in the planning and day dreamy stages so it is so so exciting to be able to say we are finally doing it!

The Grumpy Sailor began as a vegan recipe blog. Somewhere I could share recipes I created whilst I was chief cook on various Sea Shepherd ships over a 4 year period. The name came from the fact that whilst volunteering and working on a ship that spent a lot of time in the middle of various oceans… I hated being at sea! Not so much on the larger ships, they became more like a huge floating house and you would grow used to the motion on long voyages. But those evil little ones (you know who you are)… never again!!

Land based once more, we have put dreams formed over years living on the ocean into action to open a vegan bakery in Lincolnshire, UK, with plans to find permanent retail premises in the future. Alongside this we will continue to write and share free vegan recipes and reviews of place we visit whilst travelling!

We hand craft a range of 100% vegan bakery treats, all available for free delivery within a 15 mile radius of Lincoln, further delivery for a charge, or free collection. Some bakery items will also be available for Nationwide delivery and payment is available in cash, via Paypal or bank transfer.

10% of all profits per financial quarter will be donated to a different worthwhile grassroots animal or environmental charity or organisation. This has always been the driving force behind starting up our vegan food business. A way to make an honest living while being able to give something back and support animal charities in desperate need of support. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media post and website for more info on who we will be supporting next and why. This is what more businesses should be doing and something that is at the forefront of our business plan!

We would love to hear from anyone that has a great charity or organisation in need of a bit of support. We hope to expand this side of the business so that we will be able to donate monthly instead of quarterly, and are always interested to hear about worthy causes to look into.

So here we go I suppose. Hopefully we will see you at a Vegan Festival somewhere in the UK soon. Check out our Facebook page for events we are doing and where we are heading to next.

For more information on our full range of ever growing products and treat available to order, please check out our Bakery page and visit our Facebook Shop!



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