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All things Rosemary

I have often overlooked rosemary as a herb and really just associated it with roasted potatoes. I feel like I have never really given it a chance! So at the veg market the other day I was collecting my weekly bunch of basil when the lady pulled out this huge handful of rosemary, and I thought what the hell, its something different than usual and I figured I would find something to do with it. It was only about 50p for the whole lot. When I got back to the ship I thought I would get a bit more creative and make a selection of rosemary flavoured and scented things, wanting to give this beautiful herb its due. As with most green herbs, rosemary is an awesome anti-oxidant, it can also stimulate your immune system, improves blood flow to the brain improving mental capacity and concentration, helps with indigestion and protects against certain carcinogen to prevent cancer. Its definitely up there with amazing foods you should include in your diet. So below I give you …

Everything in Your Fridge Juice

This is one of the juices I make for the crew maybe a couple of times a week, and it basically boils down to whatever we have left in the fridge that I can shove in the juicer. This recipe this week’s concoction which I wanted to share as it was particularly tasty. Everything in Your Fridge Juice   2 carrots 1 inch piece of ginger 2 cups chopped pineapple (about a third of a large pineapple) 4 apples 2 beetroots with leaves 1/2 cucumber 1 lemon 1 grapefruit Place everything through your juicer and enjoy Makes approximately 1.2 litres

All the Greens Juice | Vegan Mo Fo 2014

       Just a quick juice recipe. Perfect on a hot day served with ice. I love juice and try to have one or more a day whenever I can and when I’m at home… something I can’t do when I’m away at sea so I definitely try to make the most of it. I just feel so much better when I gorge on juices and smoothies instead of crumpets and marmite which I think will forever be my downfall… I still can’t make a pack last more than a day and a half! I find when I regularly drink fresh green juices I tend to make healthier food choices for my meals the rest of the day. I’m far from a health food freak but I do like to mix it up a bit and try to keep things balanced.   All The Greens Juice 3 green apples 2 cup spinach 1 cup lettuce 1 stick celery 3 inch slice of cucumber ¼ of an unwaxed lemon ½ inch slice of ginger   Adding 1 …

Blueberry and Banana Smoothie

Banana’s and blueberries… such a perfect combination! This is the perfect smoothie to have for breakfasts. Blueberries are considered a superfood and have some amazing qualities, some of which I mention here in my post about eating rainbow foods. Pair them with chia seeds and bananas and you have a pretty amazing morning pick me up!   Blueberry and Banana Smoothie 1½ cups blueberries 1 banana 1 cup baby leave spinach 1 Tbsp pumpkin seeds ½ Tbsp chia seeds 1 tsp spirulina 1½ – 2 cups water/ almond milk Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until smooth.  

Mango Raspberry Smoothie with Spirulina

  This has been my favourite smoothie in a long time, and with only a few ingredients. I love the deep green colour that comes out from all that spirulina, and which the other ingredients the flavour of the spirulina doesn’t overpower at all. And the added goji berries give another superfood boost.   Mango and Raspberry Smoothie with Spirulina ½ cup fresh raspberries large handful of fresh spinach 1 medium sized mango, cubed and scooped out 1 tsp spirulina powder 1 Tbsp goji berries water to cover Place all ingredients in a blender, just covered over with water and blend until smooth. Drink straight away, add ice if you wish.  

fresh raw kale broccoli carrot and apple juice

Feeling juicy?

I have been trying to get my brother in law to start drinking juice ever since I got back home, but have been failing miserably! I think many people are scared of juice, especially when you tell them its full of vegetables… vegetables that I notice everyday that the majority of the population is extremely lacking in. When I’m away on the ships, or even just in my own circle of friends I’m surrounded by people who often think and eat in a similar way to myself. But when I step outside of that what I see is pretty disturbing. Most people seem to have a complete lack of connection to what they put in their bodies these days… and I’m not just talking meat and dairy products, just a lack of understanding that food is meant to be fueling your body, nourishing your cells so that you stay strong and healthy. I still find it shocking that although it’s quite clear to most people that fast food burger places do not provide anything but …

homemade coconut milk

DIY Milks #1 Coconut

It became DIY month on the ship for a little while before left. Everything from seitan from scratch (as in washing it down from plain flour the old fashioned way, usually ending up looking like I have taken part in a flour and water bomb fight), to freezing homemade vegetable stock cubes made from my vegetable peelings, essential when all the supermarkets offer nothing but MSG filled rubbish! I even dabbled in making my own sundried tomatoes on the top of the fly bridge. This little recipe in particular came in extremely handy. Most places you can get hold of non dairy milks easily, though sometimes they are very expensive, or are the kinds that are full of sugar. This was my favourite as I love the taste of coconuts, and decissated coconut was cheap and easy to get hold of. Even if you can find plenty of non dairy milks, sometimes its just nice to make things yourself.   DIY Coconut Milk   1 cup desiccated coconut 4 cups warm water Place coconut and …

Melon and Cucumber Coolers

This morning one of the crew on board requested melon coolers! Smoothies are usually something I make on the ship in the afternoon, as like an afternoon pick-me-up to keep people going until dinner. Today was super humid all day so this actually made a really good mid-morning refresher for a change. I like to add spirulina powder to this melon cooler recipe for extra nutrition- if you don’t like the taste of spirulina then this is perfect as the other flavours mask it well. Melon Coolers   1 large english cucumber 5 cups of melon, cantaloupe works well the pulp of 1 passionfruit 3 kaffir lime leaves ½ Tbsp spirulina juice of 1 lime 2 cups ice cubes Place everything in a high powers blender and blend for 30-60 seconds. You may need to add up to ¼ cup water to get it going if your blender isn’t too great (like mine!)  

Refeshing Summertime Sugar Free Cordials

Currently where I am its summertime all the time, much to my dislike! I miss cold climates and seasons everyday, the flowers in spring, the falling leaves in autumn, And rain!! I haven’t seen any for 3 months! I am not someone who was made for warm climates! All least treats like these make it that bit more comfortable. This is a sugar free version of hibiscus syrup, and a drink I actually prefer without the sugar. Locally here it is call Bissap and a drink you can get everywhere, and everyone who makes it seems to think the more sugar the better, sometimes so much so that its nearly impossible to drink! So I wanted to make my own healthy version as I love the flavour of hibiscus. Sugar Free Hibiscus Cordial   1 cup dried hibiscus flowers 4 cups water 1½ tsp de-bittered stevia powder 1 inch piece of ginger, sliced Peel from a lemon or lime pinch of salt   Mix all the ingredients in a pan and bring to the boil. …