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vegan zine the grumpy sailor

The Grumpy Sailor Zine now on sale!!

After lots of work and submissions from friends all over the world THE GRUMPY SAILOR E-ZINE is now up for online orders! A vegan zine filled with vegan recipes, artwork, interviews with Animal Rescue League, Dakar- talking about the amazing work they are doing in Senegal, articles by Anna Greer- jivamukti yoga teacher and Sea Shepherd crew member and Raffaella Tolicetti Sea Shepherd cook and author of new vegan cookbook Think! Eat! Act! as well as much much more. All proceeds from the sale of these zine will the going straight to Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Norfolk, UK. An amazing haven for animals rescued from abuse and slaughterhouses, giving them a place to live out there days in peace and happiness. Help support this amazing sanctuary for animals! Advertisements

anna greer warrior pose yoga on bow of MY bob barker, Sea Shepherd

BODHICITTA- A guest post by Anna Greer.

This is a beautiful guest post by Anna Greer, a yoga teacher at Jivamukti Yoga in Sydney, Australia, who has also served on two Sea Shepherd whale defence Antarctica campaigns. Here she talks about compassion and the importance of refraining from expressing rage and anger when faced with the apathy and indifference many people have towards the immense suffering towards animal in the world. This article rings true for me, as for years I closed my eyes to this suffering, rather than accept I was a huge part of the problem myself. When I was challenged on why I ate meat and dairy in an aggressive manner, I would stupidly close down against veganism even more. Thankfully eventually I saw the error of my ways and made the best choice of my life in choosing to go vegan. But in doing so I changed places and found I was the one full of aggression towards people had not yet made the same choices as me. Anna’s article is a good reminder of how you should …

A Little Is Enough!

A LITTLE IS ENOUGH is an awesome zine written by some sailors on board a sea shepherd ship last year in Antarctica. The zine is a collection of ramblings, memoirs by the crew. The zine has very few names included, the focus being on the ideas, the words on the pages and not self recognition. There’s a constant theme running through it that not every action or piece of information has to be identified to an individual, that the ideas are everyone’s, sow them. I wanted to share this as it’s just such an inspiring zine, encouraging people to take action into their own hands, that even just having a conservation with someone new about issues you care about can make a change, or even better feel inspired to fight for something. Change is not about the individual, it’s about the end result and the achievements we can make if we work together. With this link you can read this zine online. I hope you enjoy it!  A hard-copy will be available to order this summer through this blog!