Take Action

This page is dedicated to just some of the amazing organisations in the world fighting for animals. From direct action organisations out there on the front line to animal sanctuaries who take in rescued and injured animals and refuse the easy option of putting them to sleep, instead taking the time to nurse the animals back to health and give them a forever home. There are also some links websites that contain some pretty useful information on how to easily transition onto a plant-based diet, with tonnes of nutritional information as well as ethical reasons supporting a vegan lifestyle.
More eyes need to be opened to the atrocities happening against animals all over world, whether for food, clothing or entertainment. So get involved! These organisations and charities need all the help they can get, whether giving a monthly donation or getting directly involved volunteering your time.
League Against Cruel Sports
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
The Black Fish
Hunt Saboteurs Association
The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade
Animal Aid
The Vegan Society
Wildlife Defence League
Because We Must
Hillside Animal Sanctuary
Farm Sanctuary
Edgars Mission