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Vegan Blueberry Muffins

Here is a pretty simple vegan blueberry muffin recipe. Still people ask me how can you bake without eggs and butter etc but it’s so so easy if you have the right recipes. I find it is just kinda rethinking the basics of baking and the equations of the recipe. Vegans did not invent eggless muffins and cakes, those recipes have been around for decades if not centuries. Back in early early 1900s during the World Wars women were coming up with new ways to make delicious treats with the rations they had… usual when they were very low or completely without dairy and eggs. This is my interpretation of vegan blueberry muffins in which I use the Baking soda with vinegar method to make them rise. In fact that probably my favourite method for all baking. It always seems failsafe. Check out my recipe for Chocolate and Coffee Cake and Chocolate Chunk Muffins. It tastes much better when you know its 100% free from animal products. Vegan Blueberry Muffins Yields 12 Ingredients 2 cups …

Blueberry and Banana Smoothie

Banana’s and blueberries… such a perfect combination! This is the perfect smoothie to have for breakfasts. Blueberries are considered a superfood and have some amazing qualities, some of which I mention here in my post about eating rainbow foods. Pair them with chia seeds and bananas and you have a pretty amazing morning pick me up!   Blueberry and Banana Smoothie 1½ cups blueberries 1 banana 1 cup baby leave spinach 1 Tbsp pumpkin seeds ½ Tbsp chia seeds 1 tsp spirulina 1½ – 2 cups water/ almond milk Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until smooth.  

deconstructed mixed berry crumble with vegan custard

Deconstructed Berry Crumble

This is another recipe where I used the blueberries we picked at Fairgreen Farm. This recipe is like taking apart all the best parts of a berry crumble, and putting it back together better, fresher and much lighter. I served this at the end of a 3 course meal and it makes the perfect dessert for a dinner party as it can be prepared early, kept in the fridge and is nice and light after a heavy meal. If making early make sure you add the crumble topping just before serving so it stays crunchy. We enjoyed this topped with a cashew crème fraîche.   Deconstructed Berry Crumble   300g mixed fresh berries of choice, large ones sliced in half Juice of ½ lemon 2 Tbsp homemade blueberry jam, or other jam of choice 1 recipe vegan custard (recipe below) 1 recipe crumble topping (recipe below) Mix the jam and lemon juice together in a bowl, then stir in the berries. Spoon some of the berries in to either a glass serving dish, cup or …

vegan scones with homemade blueberry jam

Blueberry picking in Norfolk plus scone and jam making

I have spent alot of time driving along the A47 towards Norwich these last few months to visit friends and family, and everytime I drove past the sign for Pick Your Own Blueberries at Fairgreen Farm, I wanted to stop but never had the time. When we finally stopped it became the most exciting few hours. Just rows and rows of blueberry bushes… the blueberries so huge I had never seen anything like them. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop! The couple who run the blueberry picking were so lovely, spending the time to show us around, explaining how to look after the blueberry bushes, showing us all the different varieties… such as draper, liberty and blue crop, all of which you think is your favourite …until you try the next kind. It was so interesting to learn from the blueberry experts just how pointless it is to buy blueberries from the supermarket if what you are after is the nutritional content! As well as being much more expensive, the blueberries are …