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quick rise vegan garlic bread

Quick Rise Vegan Garlic Breads

I haven’t had time to do as many post recently as I would like as I have been going crazy trying to find a job, any job will do really! In a little over a month now I will be returning home to England, I guess permanently for now, and leaving ship life behind for a life on land, hopefully filled with growning vegetables in my garden and visiting forests, the thing I miss most while living on water! Well so far no luck… Lincolnshire is not calling out for vegan chefs unfortunately so I am having to look at very different career ideas, something I haven’t had to do for years now and its pretty daunting, and extremely stressful. The dream is to open a vegan cafe/restaurant in Lincoln, something it desperately needs, but I am a very very long way from having saved enough funds to get that up and running, so I am spending my days trawling the interent for jobs to apply for that are not completely soulless and I can …

grilled seitan kebabs with a creole spiced coconut sauce

Grilled Seitan Kebabs with a Creole Coconut Sauce

  So I have kind of fallen in love with spice mixes recently… See my recipe for Sambar Masala Spice Mix. I love making that big jar of mixed herbs and spices and have it just waiting for me to easily transform a meal. I find it much more time efficient than measuring out the exact spices everytime you make a meal… This way you have a selection ready to go last minute if your in a hurry. As I am in Cape Verde where one of the main languages is Creole it seemed fitting to put together my own Creole recipe. As with the Sambar Masala recipe, after this seitan recipe, my favourite way to enjoy Creole Spice Mix is on oven baked potato wedges or roasted sweet potato. It also makes an awesome rice dish when you replace the spices in this Vegetable Paella with the Creole Spice Mix. For this recipe I used a Seitan I made from scratch, washing a plain flour dough to get to the gluten… It’s a pretty …