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Foraged Nettle Soup | Eczema Diaries 3 weeks in

3 weeks in to my skin cleanse to battle chronic eczema, and my recipe for Foraged Nettle Soup.


My eczema diaries | Day #1 

So here’s for some honesty. This might be the most honest post I have written and it’s about something I can be both very open about and also very conscious of. The only reason I am even writing this is because I have decided to start a body/food experiment for the next 30 days… and probably to continue afterwards. To see the results clearly for myself and hopefully for other peoples benefit I am going to document my progress,  if any at all, on here. This is all about my skin,  and my lack of any healthy,  clear,  itch free,  rash free,  chronic eczema free area of skin on my body. My body is head to ankles constantly covered in eczema. And not just that little patch some people get in the crook of their elbow eczema. .. but the kind that makes me scratch at my skin while I sleep until my lovely white cotton bed sheets are covered in blood (disgusting right?) So today I am taking control. I am going to do …