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vegan zine the grumpy sailor

The Grumpy Sailor Zine now on sale!!

After lots of work and submissions from friends all over the world THE GRUMPY SAILOR E-ZINE is now up for online orders! A vegan zine filled with vegan recipes, artwork, interviews with Animal Rescue League, Dakar- talking about the amazing work they are doing in Senegal, articles by Anna Greer- jivamukti yoga teacher and Sea Shepherd crew member and Raffaella Tolicetti Sea Shepherd cook and author of new vegan cookbook Think! Eat! Act! as well as much much more. All proceeds from the sale of these zine will the going straight to Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Norfolk, UK. An amazing haven for animals rescued from abuse and slaughterhouses, giving them a place to live out there days in peace and happiness. Help support this amazing sanctuary for animals! Advertisements

the grumpy sailor stall at norwich veggie fayre

Vegan Jaffa Cakes and Sausages at Norwich Veggie Fayre

Last weekend I did my very first stall at Norwich Veggie Fayre, selling The Grumpy Sailor Zines to raise money for Hillside Animal Sanctuary, homemade sausage sandwiches, and vegan jaffa cakes. The whole day was a huge success and it was so fun to be part of it all. The Norwich Veggie Fayre is only in its fourth year, but its growing and getting more and more popular! Next year they are going to have to find a bigger venue. The whole of last week running up to the Fayre was dedicated to getting everything ready, I really had no idea just how long it would all take, it was crazy. After getting the Zine finally finished and sent to the printers on Tuesday I spend the next few days make 200 Vegan Lincolnshire Sausages and about 100 jaffa cakes. The sausages were something I am practiced at having to sometimes on the larger ships make 60-70 at a time. But the jaffa cakes however…. totally different story. I had made up to 12 in …

mint carob chia pudding with almond milk

Chocolate Mint Chia Pudding

Since returning home I’ve been really eager to get involved with everything, and am definitely learning new ways to manage my time. Living on a ship is the simplest of lives and I absolutely love that simplicity. I wake up, cook breakfast lunch and dinner, help with any deck jobs you can, keep the ship clean and sail around trying to save some ocean life. Its a big culture shock to come back to reality after being so detached for so long, and I am finding the hours in the days just are not enough. So currently I am working out how to juggle family, friends, this blog, creating new recipes and working on new projects…something that most of the population manage to do on a daily basis, I seem to have missed this life lesson! One of the projects I’m getting together which is exciting is THE GRUMPY SAILOR zine. A collection of recipes from a number of vegan cooks, interviews, articles, rants and artwork, with all proceeds going to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in …