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Everything in Your Fridge Juice

This is one of the juices I make for the crew maybe a couple of times a week, and it basically boils down to whatever we have left in the fridge that I can shove in the juicer. This recipe this week’s concoction which I wanted to share as it was particularly tasty. Everything in Your Fridge Juice   2 carrots 1 inch piece of ginger 2 cups chopped pineapple (about a third of a large pineapple) 4 apples 2 beetroots with leaves 1/2 cucumber 1 lemon 1 grapefruit Place everything through your juicer and enjoy Makes approximately 1.2 litres

Raw Caramel Brownie Slice

I have been daydreaming of making a new raw dessert for a while now, but was unsure of what it should be. It can be a struggle here with a lack of available ingredients, and my supply stock I brought over from England is definately on its last legs! So I dedicated the last of my coconut oil and raw cacao powder to these delicious little gems! I had wanted to make vegan caramel slices for a while, and after deciding the best caramel substitute to use would be date caramel, I figured to go one better and make the whole thing raw. So here they are, they don’t need more explaining… I’m pretty sure the pictures tell you all you need to know. Raw Caramel Brownie Slice  Base 1 cup dried dates ½ cup pecans ½ cup walnuts ½ cup raw cacoa powder ¼ cup dried figs  Caramel Layer 2 cups dried dates, soaked in water for 1-2 hours 5 Tbsp water 3 Tbsp coconut oil ¼ tsp sea salt  Chocolate Topping ½ cup raw cacao powder 1/3 cup …

All the Greens Juice | Vegan Mo Fo 2014

       Just a quick juice recipe. Perfect on a hot day served with ice. I love juice and try to have one or more a day whenever I can and when I’m at home… something I can’t do when I’m away at sea so I definitely try to make the most of it. I just feel so much better when I gorge on juices and smoothies instead of crumpets and marmite which I think will forever be my downfall… I still can’t make a pack last more than a day and a half! I find when I regularly drink fresh green juices I tend to make healthier food choices for my meals the rest of the day. I’m far from a health food freak but I do like to mix it up a bit and try to keep things balanced.   All The Greens Juice 3 green apples 2 cup spinach 1 cup lettuce 1 stick celery 3 inch slice of cucumber ¼ of an unwaxed lemon ½ inch slice of ginger   Adding 1 …

Mango Raspberry Smoothie with Spirulina

  This has been my favourite smoothie in a long time, and with only a few ingredients. I love the deep green colour that comes out from all that spirulina, and which the other ingredients the flavour of the spirulina doesn’t overpower at all. And the added goji berries give another superfood boost.   Mango and Raspberry Smoothie with Spirulina ½ cup fresh raspberries large handful of fresh spinach 1 medium sized mango, cubed and scooped out 1 tsp spirulina powder 1 Tbsp goji berries water to cover Place all ingredients in a blender, just covered over with water and blend until smooth. Drink straight away, add ice if you wish.  

fresh raw kale broccoli carrot and apple juice

Feeling juicy?

I have been trying to get my brother in law to start drinking juice ever since I got back home, but have been failing miserably! I think many people are scared of juice, especially when you tell them its full of vegetables… vegetables that I notice everyday that the majority of the population is extremely lacking in. When I’m away on the ships, or even just in my own circle of friends I’m surrounded by people who often think and eat in a similar way to myself. But when I step outside of that what I see is pretty disturbing. Most people seem to have a complete lack of connection to what they put in their bodies these days… and I’m not just talking meat and dairy products, just a lack of understanding that food is meant to be fueling your body, nourishing your cells so that you stay strong and healthy. I still find it shocking that although it’s quite clear to most people that fast food burger places do not provide anything but …

Melon and Cucumber Coolers

This morning one of the crew on board requested melon coolers! Smoothies are usually something I make on the ship in the afternoon, as like an afternoon pick-me-up to keep people going until dinner. Today was super humid all day so this actually made a really good mid-morning refresher for a change. I like to add spirulina powder to this melon cooler recipe for extra nutrition- if you don’t like the taste of spirulina then this is perfect as the other flavours mask it well. Melon Coolers   1 large english cucumber 5 cups of melon, cantaloupe works well the pulp of 1 passionfruit 3 kaffir lime leaves ½ Tbsp spirulina juice of 1 lime 2 cups ice cubes Place everything in a high powers blender and blend for 30-60 seconds. You may need to add up to ¼ cup water to get it going if your blender isn’t too great (like mine!)  

collage of raw mango coconut pie with passionfruit topping

Raw Mango and Coconut Pie

For this recipe I really wanted to take advantage of some of the local ingredients, and have been wanting to make another raw cake for a while now. The mangoes here are the biggest I have ever seen! I don’t think I had ever had a good mango before I came here in comparison, and its nice to know it they haven’t been flown thousands of miles and been artificially ripened for us to enjoy them. It’s so important to support locally grown food, so for us right now in Senegal that means tons of coconuts, mangoes and bananas, and the best I have ever had of all three. So here you have a raw coconut and mango pie that incorporates all of those things in a perfect union. Raw Mango and Coconut Pie   Base ½ cup dates 1 cup pecans, cashews or macadamia nuts ¼ cup almonds Coconut Layer 1½ cups cashews, soaked for 2-4 hours ½ cup coconut oil, melted ½ cup young coconut flesh ¼ cup fresh lime juice ¼ cup agave …

vegan cashew cream cheese with salad and sesame bagels

Bagels with Vegan Cashew Cream Cheese

Bagels and cream cheese… was there ever a more perfect match! It must be near impossible to not want to eat one without the other, right? Luckily it’s also something we vegans don’t have to miss out on either. This cheese, instead of being laced with casein and cholesterol (and death!), is a healthy raw cashew based spread, which is super easy to make. Paired with wholemeal bagels, salad and some leftover sliced seitan ribs from yesterday, this really made a perfect lunch! The Bagels   4 cups wholemeal flour 4 tsp dry active yeast 1 tsp salt 2 Tbsp olive oil 1 cup warm water   Mix the flour, yeast salt and olive in a large bowl. Add ½ cup of water and mix with your hands, add the rest bit by bit until it starts to form into a dough. Add a tablespoon or so of extra water if needed, and turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead for 10 minutes. Make sure your dough is quite soft and not too …

raw vegan gluten free sugar free raspberry cashew based cheesecake

Making Raw Raspberry Cheesecake Without Expensive Appliances

A lot of the recipes I’ve posted often call for the use of a food processor or blender, but actually all the recipes I have posted so far have been made with a handheld stick blender and a mini electric chopper attachment. In an ideal world we would all have expensive appliances like magimix food processors and vitamix blenders to use, but I realise not everyone can afford them, or have a place to store them. You don’t always need these items to create awesome vegan dishes, I mean, they are incredible appliances and definitely can make things much easier, but they are by no means necessities. Everything I have made on this site has involved nothing more than these two pieces of mini electrical magic and a few pots and pans (and a very crappy old and battered marine gas oven, which likes to turn itself off without warning whenever it feels like it!). This raw vegan raspberry cheesecake is a perfect example of being able to make awesome stuff with a lack of …