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Vegan Bangers

There are loads of this style of steamed seitan sausage recipe floating around, and they really are my favourite way to make vegan bangers. For this recipe I changed the herbs and seasonings to make them reminisant of my old favourite – lincolnshire sausages. These are ideal for sausage sandwiches, added to a vegan fry up or as classic bangers and mash with a rich onion gravy. I usually double the recipe when making these and freeze a bunch, that way I always have some on hand and they can be cooked directly from frozen. I sometimes think freezing them actually makes the texture even better. I would also recommend using good quality aluminium foil to wrap the dough. I have used really thin cheap stuff before, and all that happens is you end up in a big mess of ripped foil and gluten everywhere. Vegan Lincolnshire Sausages   2ยผ cups vital wheat gluten flour ยฝ cup nutritional yeast ยผ cup chickpea flour 2 Tbsp vegetable stock powder 1 Tbsp garlic powder 2 tsp salt …