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Vegan plant based spinach falafel with tahini dressing and homemade pitta bread

Spinach Falafel and Homemade Pitta Bread | Is Veganism a Diet?

I have been posting a few different bread recipes recently, and I think it’s because I am craving a variety. If we want anything other than white rolls or plain sliced bread here the only option is to make it ourselves, there simply is no variety what so ever. Thinking of all the foods I am missing so much, (including big field mushrooms, fresh olives, crusty brown bread, baby leaf salads, fresh tofu, among other things) makes me realise how privileged I am to come from UK where eating like this is even a possibility. I have been making a conscious effort to concentrate on creating interesting recipes from the easy and cheap local ingredients available. Going back to the vegan basics of beans, lentils and veggies. I think its very important that vegan food should be accessible to everyone, not just the priviledged and rich who can live everyday on 100% raw, specialist superfoods diets, and shopping exclusively at Wholefoods, Waitrose or expensive health food shops etc. This is not an option for the …