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Rustic Oat and Raisin Cookies

Im a big believer in moderation.Β  I love eating healthy raw wholefoods and superfoods and strongly believe everyone’s diets should include plenty of these. This food is essential for helping to keep your body healthy and disease free. Plus its delicious. Most days I would prefer a fresh beetroot and apple juice and raw salad over vegan pizza and cookies… but then other days I really do want pizza and cookies, and I don’t see anything wrong with this! As a cook I love food, I love making it and I love eating it, including the not so healthy stuff aswell. I think its important to have fun with food, to get creative and enjoy what you are making and eating, but at the same time stay conscious of exactly what it is your consuming. Is it natural? Is it fresh and unprocessed? Is it going to replentish your body with vitamins and minerals or is it going to strip them away? You end up with a lot more respect for what you put into …