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Vegan Blueberry Muffins

Here is a pretty simple vegan blueberry muffin recipe. Still people ask me how can you bake without eggs and butter etc but it’s so so easy if you have the right recipes. I find it is just kinda rethinking the basics of baking and the equations of the recipe. Vegans did not invent eggless muffins and cakes, those recipes have been around for decades if not centuries. Back in early early 1900s during the World Wars women were coming up with new ways to make delicious treats with the rations they had… usual when they were very low or completely without dairy and eggs. This is my interpretation of vegan blueberry muffins in which I use the Baking soda with vinegar method to make them rise. In fact that probably my favourite method for all baking. It always seems failsafe. Check out my recipe for Chocolate and Coffee Cake and Chocolate Chunk Muffins. It tastes much better when you know its 100% free from animal products. Vegan Blueberry Muffins Yields 12 Ingredients 2 cups …

vegan zine the grumpy sailor

The Grumpy Sailor Zine now on sale!!

After lots of work and submissions from friends all over the world THE GRUMPY SAILOR E-ZINE is now up for online orders! A vegan zine filled with vegan recipes, artwork, interviews with Animal Rescue League, Dakar- talking about the amazing work they are doing in Senegal, articles by Anna Greer- jivamukti yoga teacher and Sea Shepherd crew member and Raffaella Tolicetti Sea Shepherd cook and author of new vegan cookbook Think! Eat! Act! as well as much much more. All proceeds from the sale of these zine will the going straight to Hillside Animal Sanctuary, Norfolk, UK. An amazing haven for animals rescued from abuse and slaughterhouses, giving them a place to live out there days in peace and happiness. Help support this amazing sanctuary for animals!